I have taught four courses at the University of Toronto. These courses are:

  • POL2504 Statistics for Political Scientists: This is the introductory political science PhD course in quantitative methods. It covers basic questions of causal inference, measurement, probability, and data analysis. It is designed to get students into active manipulation of real data right away, and builds their confidence and skills up through multiple regression. (Syllabus).
  • POL317 Comparative Public Policy: This is a one semester undergraduate course primarily aimed at third and fourth year political science concentrators. In this course, we covered general theories of public policy development in a comparative setting, as well as topical units on immigration, social policy, labor markets, and criminal justice (Syllabus).
  • PPG2008 Comparative Public Policy: This is a one semester graduate course required for all Masters of Public Policy students in the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. It covers both theoretical and research design issues that arise in the comparison of policies across countries. It then applies these tools to two areas of ongoing debate - immigration and social policy - and other areas chosen for research by the students (Syllabus).
  • POL410 Democracy and Responsiveness in Europe: This is a one semester seminar with fourth year undergraduates, MA students, and PhD students. It focuses on a variety of approaches to studying the relationship between public preferences and public policy in Europe at both the domestic and EU levels (Syllabus).

Courses for which I have served as a teaching assistant:

  • Democracy
  • Politics in Africa
  • Quantitative Methods III

Other teaching experience and training: